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LED H4-X Bulb Install - XLH ('03-on), FXD, FXDWG, FXST, FXWG, FXSTS (to '94)

Step 1: Headlight Removal (as shown) Not Required.
Unscrew phillips head pinch screw from the nut on the left.

Step 2: Remove the clamp ring from bucket.

Step 3: Remove lamp and unplug headlight connector.

Step 4: Remove black rubber boot.
Do not put it back on due to lack of room with LED H4.

Step 5: Unclip stock H4 bulb.

Step 6: Remove stock H4 bulb.

Step 7: Install LED H4 base on reflector and clip into place.

Step 8: Insert LED bulb into base, align two tips on bulb with
slots in base. Push bulb in hard and rotate gently clockwise
until stopped.

Step 9: Connect driver to bulb and tighten cap clockwise.

Step 10: Connect the three prong driver connector to the
three prong harness connector.

Step 11: Tuck cooling ribbons inside the reflector boot ring.

Step 12:

Step 13: Route the wires so that looking at the bucket the three
prong plug is at 3 o'clock. With the wire going counter clockwise,
the driver is at 9 o'clock. The driver connector (shown outside of
the bucket) will be placed into the bucket at 6 o'clock, laying
front to back, not side to side. See step 18

Step 14: Place driver connector at 6 o'clock, laying front to
back as shown.

Step 15: Holding the driver in place with thumb, insert lamp
while removing your thumb. Rotate lamp until reflector tab is
seated into the bucket notch.

Step 16: Reinstall the clamp ring onto bucket.

Step 17: Reinstall phillips head pinch screw to the nut on the left.

Step 18: Aim The Headlight Click here

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