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1935 Ford Install (1-7081)

Step 1: Line up ring with housing, this dot can help you center it

Step 2: With a fine point marker, mark the hole position onto the housing

Step 3: Identify the markings, there should be one per hole

Step 4: Center punch each hole for drilling

Step 5: Center drill (optional but recommended) for increased accuracy

Step 6: Drill each hole making sure to keep the drill straight up and down

Step 7: Place ring back on headlight flange

Step 8: Each bolt should have 2 flat washers, an internal star lock washer & a nut

Step 9: Loosely install all hardware

Step 10: Once all hardware is installed, tighten down

Step 11: Plug headlight conector into bulb

Step 12: Push the plug all the way down onto the contacts

Step 13: Install lamp into housing

Step 14: Place retaining ring over lamp

Step 15: Install three screws and tighten snug

Step 16: Hook stock beauty ring over ring tab at the top of the headlight bucket

Step 17: Push stock beauty ring onto the front of the housing. At the bottom
of the headlight compress the latch handle spring and hook on latch fork

And that's it!

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