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1-7041AAP Install
DODGE: '36
HUDSON: '39, '36 Terraplane
NASH: '36-'37
PLYMOUTH: '36-'37 Coupe/Sedan
STUDEBAKER: '36-'37 Passenger Car, '36 Truck

On the stock headlights referenced above, depress the lens, remove the trim ring, gently release
the lens to allow it to push out of the housing. Remove the reflector by releasing the clips, and
then install the headwinds mounting ring, the new headlight electrical connector, an SAE or D.O.T.
lamp, the lamp retaining ring & the stock trim ring.

• Flat blade screwdriver
• Wire cutters
• Wire strippers
• Soldering iron
  (Dont like to solder? Order pigtail connector kit P/N 8-0902A)

• Qty 2 1-7041-1 Mounting Ring
• Qty 2 1-7041-2 Retaining Ring
• Qty 2 8-7021 Headlight Pigtail Assembly (H4)
• Qty 2 8-0902A Pigtail connector kit (Not supplied)

Step 1: Stock housing with stock lamp for "37 Plymouth 4-door sedan

Step 2: Depress lens into body, remove trim/retaining ring

Step 3: Continue to pull out trim/retaining ring

Step 4: Remove Lens

Step 5: Remove reflector by disengaging retaining clips by prying on reflector

Step 6: Tension springs revealed. This is why lens is depressed in STEP #2

Step 7: Remove the 3 retaining clips from stock reflector

Step 8: Install stock retaining clips into Headwinds mounting ring

Step 9: Stock retaining clips installed into Headwinds mounting ring

Step 10: Install pigtail

Step 11: Rotate the mounting ring, so the tension spring clips align
with the tension springs

Step 12: With a screwdriver, pull the retention spring clips through
the retention spring

Step 13: Connect pigtail into the new lamp

Step 14: Install lamp into mounting ring

Step 15: Install Headwinds retaining ring onto lamp

Step 16: Depress lamp and beauty ring assembly & start installation
of the stock trim/retaining ring at the bottom of the housing

Step 17: Continue to install trim/retaining ring around the
circumference of headlight bucket

Step 18: Notice Headwinds new design follows the natural, original
curve of your vintage headlight keeping that classic look and feel

Step 19: Any 7" S.A.E. lamp will now fit your stock housing, enabling
you to choose from lamps with built-in turn signals, tri-bars, snake
eyes & more! Giving you more options to customize your rod!

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