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1-7048CA Headlight Adapter Ring Install

If your stock components are worn or missing, we has the following replacement parts:
• Headlight Retaining Strip (p/n 1-7041-T3805AP) Click here
• Reflector Spring Seats (p/n 1-7041-3A) Click Here
• Reflector Tension Springs (p/n 1-7041-5A) Click Here
• Reflector Spring Retainer Clips (p/n 1-7041-4A) Click here

Replace stock lens and reflector (left) with modern H4
halogen lamp (right)

Step 1: Place reflector spring (p/n 1-7041-5A) into spring seat
(p/n 1-7041-3A). 3 per housing

Step 2: Push reflector spring retainer clip (p/n 1-7041-4A) in
mounting ring slot. 3 per housing

Step 3: Place reflector spring retainer clip in spring. 3 per housing

Step 4: Push the end of the retainer clip in to the square slot
of the spring seat. 3 per housing

Step 5: Push all three spring clips in evenly

Step 6: Plug the headlamp connector onto the H4 bulb

Step 7: Press down on lamp to install beauty ring

Step 8: Push beauty ring lip into stock headlight opening

Step 9: Install headlight retaining strip (p/n 1-7048-T3805A)
Line up end of strip to groove in headlight

Step 10: Continue around headlight. Push headlamp retaining
ring into housing while feeding retainer strip over edge of the
opening. Trim excess strip to length using wire cutters.

That's it!

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