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1-7054CAP Installation - '38 Chrysler Royal

There may be some differences between your headlight configuration and what is shown in
these instructions. Customers send us their headlights to make headlight adapters. Through
the years, previous owners of the customers car may have modified the headlight. This is
the case with this Chrysler Royal headlight in which an old style "pie-pan" headlight adapter
was added. We don’t know what was removed, if anything, but the basic headlight bucket
and beauty ring should resemble yours.

Step 1: Remove beauty ring from housing

Step 2: Remove any reflector, glass lens or older
style headlight adapters

Step 3: Remove metal headlight adapter brackets,
our headlight adapter will work with those brackets
in place (optional)

Step 4: Mounting ring with hardware

Step 5: Start the screw with just a few threads on
screw #1 & screw #2 as shown

Step 6: Mounting ring sits against these tabs

Step 7: Mounting rings marked "R" (right) & "L" (left).
The "R" or "L" goes to the top (12 o'clock) to insure
proper orientation

Step 8: "L-shaped" nut holds on to stock lamp
adjusting ring (shown painted black in picture),
securing mounting ring in place

Step 9: Screws fit into grooves on outer diameter
of mounting ring

Step 10: Clamp mounting ring to stock lamp
adjusting ring just tight enough to hold it in place

Step 11: Install screw #2

Step 12:

Step 13: With screw #1 in place, install screw #2

Step 14:

Step 15: Start screw #3 as shown

Step 16: Hold nut as shown, once all three screws
are installed, tighten them down

Step 17: Trim 1/4" away from ends exposing wire

Step 18: Unscrew butt splice and insert tip of wire
until copper wire extends beyond cap

Step 19: Screw cap into center piece of butt splice
with wire in place

Step 20: Plug headlamp in to headlight connector

Step 21: Install lamp. Back tabs on lamp fit into
notches on mounting ring

Step 22: Line up retaining ring, be sure to look at
notches that fit around back ring screws

Step 23: Three screws

Step 24: Hand tight until all three are in place,
then tighten them down

Step 25: Beauty ring

Step 26: Thread ring clockwise

Step 27: Original beauty ring. locate notch in
housing at 12 o'clock, ring tab fits there

Step 28: Once tab is in notch, line up screw holes
at 6 o'clock, install screw and that's it!

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