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VRSC V-Rod H911 Install (Two Bulbs)

Step 1
Using an 6mm Allen key, remove the two top Allen screws from
the headlight bracket

Step 2
Pulling screws out of bracket

Step 3
Move headlight and bracket away from front end

Step 4
Looking at the back of the headlight, rotate counter clockwise
& remove H11 bulb. Repeat for H9 bulb

Step 5
Unplug connector from H11 bulb, pinch the connector tabs with
thumb and forefinger (as shown on left). Repeat for H9 bulb

Step 6
Pull H11 bulb from connector. Repeat for H9 bulb

Step 7
Connect Headwinds LED H911 bulb. Repeat for second bulb
(Different bulb pictured)

Step 8
Line up tabs on Headwinds H911 LED bulb with notches on
reflector. Repeat for second bulb

Step 9
Install and rotate clockwise. Repeat for second bulb

Step 10
Push back cables to make room for LED bulbs

Step 11
Zip tie cables

Step 12
Cut and remove end of zip tie

Step 13
With an Allen key tighten screws

Step 14

Aim headlight

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