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Daytona Camp Run 2014

Steve and I loaded up our bikes with camp gear and set out from Daytona Beach
heading west on SR 40. Camping this time of year in Florida is great, the weather
is still warm (when it's not raining) and the campgrounds are empty. We got going
late Sunday afternoon and stopped in Ocala where we bought food & ice. It came
out to $30 and should feed us for 3 days (cheap, $2.50 per person per meal). As
we rode west the sun blazed in our eyes as it fell to the horizon. Eye relief came
when we turned south and the sun began to set. We didn't want to make camp in
the dark so we pulled into a gas station, found a campground on Steve's GPS,
hopped on the bikes and skidaddled because it was ten miles away with the sun
setting fast.

Big Bass Village

We arrived at Big Bass Village (Campground) to find the new owners, William &
Christina Hudnall happy to see us! Their rates we fair and the grounds were lush
and scenic. They set us up down by the lake and supplied us with some fire wood.
We quickly pitched our tents and started to make dinner: Spaghetti with Italian
Sausage and mushrooms in Alfredo Sauce. It was delicious! After dinner we sat
around and planned the next days route as the wood in the campfire cracked and
popped. Good night!

We woke up, drenched from the Florida humidity that condensated on everything
overnight. The tents were placed on nearby tables to dry out while we cooked, ate,
and cleaned up breakfast. With the heat coming from the rising sun, we packed up
the dry gear and departed. We turned onto CR40 to Donelle and then headed
south on SR41 to Tampa. At CR301 we turned east and entered the Hillsborough
River State Park ($26.85 per night). It is a pretty park and is not as humid as the
Big Bass Village Campground was the night before.

Hillsborough River

EATING GOOD - WHAT TO BUY: To keep perishable food, store it in a Cooler
with ice, buy food in jars so they can be resealed, and put meat in watertight plastic
containers which we bought and cleaned at the grocery store ($5).

Butter (soft spread in container)
Salt & Pepper

One pound of spaghetti
One pound Italian sausage
One jar of mushrooms
One jar of Alfredo sauce
Small jar of Grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 dozen eggs
One pound sausage
One potato
One bag English muffins (6 muffins)

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