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Illuminator - Wire Schematic

Wire colors in drawing will not be the same on all models but do match most 1996-up factory HD motorcycles.
Pre-'96 models, consult your service manual for exact wiring diagrams and colors for proper installation.

• Designed to provide run, brake and turn signal functions to each rear turn signal all on (1) wire per side
• Illuminator Plug-n-Play or hard-wired versions all work the same.
• Built-in Load Equalizer which is perfect when switching out factry turn signals to Halogen or LED versions
• Prevents "rapid-flash" caused by factory module not seeing specific amperage draw that factory 1156/1157 bulbs provided

• Wire colors on Illuminator Modules are defined in the color chart above
• ORANGE/WHITE wire on module needs 12-volt switched or battery power
   (NOTE, when using ILL-01, we recommend connecting ORANGE/WHITE (+) wire directly to battery with a 7.5 fuse or to
   a circuit breaker, BLACK (-) wire should be grounded to frame or to ground (-) post on battery)

• Plug-n-Play installation is quick and easy
• Remove seat or left side cover (FL's), unplug rear fender harness connectors, plug module in between and you're done!

• Butt connectors and quick splices supplied, we recommend using connectors and terminals whenever possible
• "INPUT" refers to wires that are currently running to your REAR left and right turn signals and your taillight
   This is your rear fender harness and these wires are needed to feed the input wires on the module
   Once hooked up, input wires provide all functions the module needs to process RUN/BRAKE/TURN onto OUTPUT wires
• The objective of the diagram above shows you to "splice into" the running and brake light wires using quick splices while
   still keeping these wires attached as they were from the factory. Only the VIOLET (left turn signal) and BROWN (right turn
   signal) wires should be cut. The feed side of these wires (from the front of the bike) should be attached to the VIOLET and
   BROWN wires on the module using supplied butt connectors. The other half of the cut violet and brown wires should be
   connected to the GRAY and YELLOW wires on the module using supplied butt connectors. Be sure to test when complete.

• Some lighting have (2) wires or (3) wires depending on the manufacturer and the specifications.
• Since Illuminator provide RUN/BRAKE/TURN functions on one wire LEFT and one wire RIGHT, you may want to twist the
   "hot" wires together on (3) wire LED's to have LED operate as RUN/BRAKE/TURN. This will be the case for any dual
   filament bulb as well
• Each of the (3) inputs on our Illuminator do not have to be connected depending on your application. If you only want
   BRAKE & TURN output on your lights, donít connect the BLUE wire. Only want RUNNING & TURN, don't connect the
   RED/YELLOW wire. Any combination can be achieved by simply omitting any of the (3) wires.

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