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Four Headlight Cars - Custom Lamps
Want brighter lights or a custom look for your car?
We have what you need!

Here's all you have to do:
• Buy 2 three-prong headlight connectors Click here
• Buy 4 Lamps Click here
• On two of the lamps, grind off one tab on the backside of the reflector (hi-beam only lamps)

A 4-headlight system has one pair of lamps that is hi/lo beam and one pair that is hi-beam only.
Your car has a stock three-prong connector for the hi/lo lamps and a two-prong connector for
the hi-beams. All of our lamps are three-prong so you must replace the stock two-prong connector
with our three-prong connector.

The other consideration is that the back of the reflector has clocking tabs so the lamp is oriented
correctly, the tabs fit into the notches on the mounting ring.

• Hi/Lo mounting rings have notches at 2, 7 & 10 o’clock
• Hi-beam mounting rings have notches at 2, 7 & 11 o’clock
• All our lamps have tabs at 2, 7 & 10 o’clock

To fit our hi/lo lamps into the hi-beam only stock mounting ring, you will need to cut off or grind
down the 11 o’clock tab on the back of the lamp. Then it will sit correctly in ring.

We also recommend using pigtail connector kit 8-0902A for ease of installation Click here

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