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Q: How To Aim a Headlight

A: When aiming a headlight, we use a "rule of thumb." The bike or car (referred to here after as the "vehicle")
     should be laden: gas tank should be 3/4 full, all tires properly inflated and a motorcycle should have a rider
     on it. When aiming the headlights, the lens should be 10 feet from a vertical wall, 20 feet is better.

1. Measure the distance from the ground and the center of the headlamp (lamp height).

2. Mark the vertical wall with a horizontal line indicating lamp height. Then draw a parallel line 1" below the
    first line called the 1" line and a parallel line 2" below the first line called the 2" line (more on that later)

3. Start with vehicle as far from the wall as possible, make sure it's perpendicular to the wall, and then slowly
    pull up to it. This will set your front & rear wheels tracking straight towards the wall.

4. Notice where the "hot spot" is (brightest part of light), draw a vertical line on wall in center of hot spot.

5. Back vehicle away from wall, watch light, keep vehicle perpendicular to wall. Stop lens at 10' or 20' mark.

6. You may notice the hot spot diverging from it's center. If it is then the light is out of adjustment.

7. If you are 10' from the wall, adjust the headlight so that the hot spot is centered on the vertical line and on
    the 1" line. If you are 20' from the wall, adjust the headlight so that the hot spot is on the vertical line and
    on the 2" line.

8. For vehicles that have independent headlight housings (not mounted in a fender or cowl type nacelle).
    Loosen the mounting nuts or bolts just enough so that the headlight stays in place and can be moved by
    hand. Rotate headlight until the hot spot is centered in accordance with paragraph #7 then tighten the
    nuts or bolts.

9. For vehicles that have fixed headlight housings with gimbaled mounting rings, adjust the aiming screws that
    are visible from the front of the lamp. You should not have to remove the trim ring (beauty ring). One screw
    will adjust the light up and down and the other will adjust the light left and right.

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