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1-3/8" Halogen to LED Conversion Kit
Click on pictures of underlined words.

Headwinds Turn Signals 2014 & On and Turn Signals connected to Spotlights with a stanchion:

To convert to LED Turn Signal bulbs, unscrew the bezel from the housing, remove the halogen bulb, the Turn Signal bulb connector and its wires. Order one of the LED bulb modules listed below. Insert the Turn Signal wiring through the housing and use connectors (see ELECTRICAL below) or solder to your stock wiring harness in accordance with the chart that follows. Remember to cover the solder joint with heat shrink tubing.

• White wire (Turning) to H-D violet or brown wire
• Brown wire (Running) to H-D blue wire
• Black wire (Ground) to H-D black wire

Part Number:
8-9110R (Red) Use for rear Click here
8-9110A (Amber) Use for front Click here

LOAD EQUALIZER: You will also need a Load Equalizer, Click here

ELECTRICAL: Here's a link to the electrical connector section to aid in your wire hook-up.
Not every installation is the same so you'll have to determine what you need.
Click here

Headwinds Turn Signals up to 2014:
For these turn signals you will need LED BULB MODULE & LOAD EQUALIZER, but you will also need to replace the THREADED SPACER (listed below).

Part Number:
3-1017-18LED Click here

Chrome Hornet
Black Hornet

Its easy to convert your Headwinds halogen turn signal to an led turn signal since most
of the parts are the same in both units. You'll need to remove the turn signal from where
its mounted and disassemble it. Switch the Halogen threaded spacer inside the housing
for the one below and install the led bulb module. Connect the LED modules to your turn
signal wires and hook up the load equalizer.

Call us @ (626) 359-8044 with any questions

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