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"Joel, received headlight bucket and parts. Excellent job, such great ingenuity! Looks perfect beyond my expectations. Cant thank you enough Sir."
Bradley Pfeffer - Prescott, AZ

"Thanks for the parts Joel they fit quite nicely on the pedestals. So happy when things turn out as expected. Thank you again. On time, product as described."
Much Thanks, Steve Fry - via email


"Recently, I purchased an extended Chrome Nacelle Bezel. Headwinds provided excellent Customer Service, easy ordering, and quick delivery of the parts. They fit beautifully on my 04 Fatboy! I am more than pleased with the results. The bike has taken Best of Show, Best V-Twin and People’s Choice in 5 bike shows in Oregon since March 2019. The photo attached is proof of the results and how happy I am. Thank tons!!!"
Respectfully, CJ - via email


Don Shaw - San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Lisa, I just want to thank you and your team so much for your help on this process. On my end, I have tried to do so much planning to avoid rush situations like this during my build, but inevitably these things occur and ya'll have been extremely accommodating an helpful throughout...thank you again and please share my comments with Joel".
Jamie O'Pelt - via email

"Thank you so much for your help. The headlight looks amazing on my Breakout! Thanks again!"
Adam Cade - Valdosta, GA


"First let me say, you guys were great to work with. Once I had that light in my hands, total wow factor. The workmanship that went into the bucket, well worth every penny I spent. I'm totally looking forward doing business with you guys again, Thanks. "
Treman Shepard - via email

"My new H4 LED Headlight Bulb is really super bright. Wow what a difference in brightness and crispness. My fellow riders were impressed. Your customer service was fantastic!"
Albert Felicio - Winchester VA

"I really appreciate the help you gave me in making sure UPS didn’t drop the issue. I attached a photo of the bike with new light installed, it looks awesome, thanks again."     (Customer used mount 1-0002-150ZA and housing 1-5704-6VZA)
Terry Klowss - Gregory TX


"We purchased a pair of 7" Concours Rocket Housings with flames in 2009 for our 2007 Peterbilt 379. They have 730k miles on them. We wanted to tell you what an awesome product you make. We are planning to make some changes to our truck this year and plan to buy a new set. They are mounted on JJ brackets using your 5/8" mount. Here is a picture of our truck. We look forward to purchasing a new set this year."
Dale & Kristy Martin - via email


"Just a note to thank you for your help and patients in helping me with my vampire light set up. Here's a couple of photos."
Joe Gutierrez - via email


"Order arrived and I have installed on my bike. Very happy with the outcome and your service. Thank you from a happy Australian customer."
Shayne Hughes - Australia

"I'm very pleased with your products and the level of service you provide to your customers."
Jim Campbell - Parker, CO

"I really appreciate you and your company working this out with me. I ride with a large group of friends and I have people all the time ask me where did you get those LED lights and I can proudly continue to tell them I purchased them from Headwinds, now I can also add how great their customer service is. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much."
Ted Olsen - Jacksonville, FL

"Just got them. Hells Bells they are AWESOME!!!!!! Best quality upgrade to this restomod project... better even than a new 5.3L with 4L60E, power steering and AC!!!!! Wow! Couldn't be happier."
Rich Cunningham - Sanford, NC

"Love your work!"
Ian Hughes - Eudlo, Queensland, Australia

"I have told a lot of people about the high quality of your work and the stellar customer service after the sale. You have certainly earned a customer for life for all my needs/wants for which you have items that match."
Dave Goodman - via email

"I Received my LED headlight and 4-1/2" spotlights for my '09 Tri Glide. I LOVE THEM! I love the fact they are so bright! They are great on these old eyes. Thank you guys so much for all the help you gave me!"
Kevin Gibson - via email

"We installed the LED H-4 bulb in a Triumph motorcycle and it works perfectly, very bright white ball of light dramatically stops cars from cutting in front of you in the day time and at night it lights up the road like day. These LED lights are important safety devices and gives you supreme visibility. We highly recommend them. Thank You"
JamesRusselPublishing.com - via email

"These LED's are EXTREMELY bright and are much better than the H11 Halogens that were in it before. Although I was hesitant to spend nearly $200 for 2 light bulbs, I'm very glad I did. You can not put a price on safety and with your LED's I feel much safer if I have to ride at night."
Sam Tolley - Oakland, IL

"I'm very impressed with this new LED light. Much brighter than the PIAA I had in there and illuminates the road much better at night to see the critters! Thanks again!"
Ken "Tippy" Groth, Black Hills Custom Parts - New Jersey

"Been running a 7" Bradley Bullet headlight bucket on my ’04 FXST for about 8 years. The difference between the old halogen and the new LED is amazing"
Rick Grenfell - Houston, TX

"I have a really hot Springer CVO with your lights too and your lights are the crowning glory on that bike too."
Kym Bohun - via email

"I ordered a mount last week for my Vulcan 900 Custom, and got it yesterday. Gotta say thanks for pushing the order and getting it here so fast! It's exactly what I needed to get my bike back on the road, and the build quality is top notch. Thank you!"
Cory - via Internet


"Just wanted to send you a note about how pleased I am with your product. I purchased an adjustable kit for my '39 Chevy. It is great to be able to adjust my headlights. I'm the South Carolina State vehicle inspector with the NSRA. I would like to write a tech article about my problem and include your adjustment procedure for aiming headlights. Thanks again,"
David Giles - via email

"Thanks for all your help. Here are the pics of my 04 Deuce with some bad ass lights! You guys have an exceptional product."
Rahjeek - via Internet


"Just wanted to say thank you all for the awesome Viper housing and LED lamp. I love them them both so much. I can not stop telling everyone I can about your company and your products. You are greatly appreciated by me and I am sure countless others. Keep up the utmost respectable work! Thank you all from the the bottom of my blue collared heart!"
Donald Maxon - via Internet

"Thanks for your hard work for making this happen!
Mark Boler, Oasis Cycles Inc. - Brandon, MS

"Not only because of the QUALITY of your products but its the LOOK of your stuff that makes people walk up and ask 'Why does the front end of that bagger look so much better than mine?' I don't try to sell your stuff to the people that ask that question, your stuff sells itself."
Bill Thomas - Fort Worth, Texas

"If it aint Headwinds we don't use it period Nuff Said"
Goodfellas Freightrain - via Internet

"I ordered the headlight kit, conduits, and bulbs. I was extremely pleased at how everything fit in the original headlight bucket and the night time lighting is great. I really appreciate the help you gave me in selecting the bulbs when I placed the order. I will order again when the wife allows me to build the next car. Thanks Again."
Ron Sabelhaus - Bartlett, TN


"Your customer service is remarkable. Your way of doing business honors you. You have gained a customer for life. Thanks"
Guy Charbonneau - Canada

"I got the installation of my H-D inverted front end done and the mounts you made worked perfectly and look great. Guys at the dealer that did the installation were asking about them. Thank you again for making them, really helps finish the front end off and picks up where H-D would not. Thank you"
Victor Malchesky - via Internet


"Just received the headlight today and installed it. Without a doubt, more than anything else on the bike, it makes the biggest statement about how I wanted the bike to look: low, lean and mean. Thanks for an awesome product. The quality is outstanding! I am supremely happy with it."
Joe Buccolo - Bradenton, Florida

"Best headlights on the market"
Michael Jones - via Internet

"I have your Headwinds products on both of my Harleys, nothing else will do, I am willing to skip a few lunches to be able to buy your products. Keep doin' what you're doin'!"
Denver Madden - via Internet

"Thanks for the great product and outstanding service. I get comments all the time about my lights and I direct them to your web site. Thanks for the t-shirt you sent me, I liked it so much I bought another. Both shirts are my favorite that my wife says I live in."
Joel Smith - Guyton, GA

"Thank so much for showing my bike on your site. It's so cool that the hard work and cool headlight makes it so worth while. My friends say the headlight finishes the bike!
Chris Rose

"It was a real pleasure to work with you on the light setup for my bike, A couple small glitches that happened but the way you handled them has me really impressed. And that doesn't even yet get to how great your product looks and works. Thank you so much for going out of your way to get me up and running without delay. In this day and age it's a real pleasure to work with an outfit that wants to take care of their customers, I will forever praise and promote your products and company."
Albert Goodan, Tri Cities Eastern WA


"I received the o-rings for your Model-T headlights, I put them in and what a difference! You fixed the problem of having the gap. Thank you very much. You have a top-notch product."
Tony Jones, via email

"A bike ain't shit without Headwinds, all our bikes have 'em."
Punchie, Thee Candy Shop, Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to compliment you on a fine product. I have the 1-5900V Mariah Concours Rocket headlight on my '74 Supercharged Shovelhead. I just have the light wired for high beams only and I have been very impressed with the amount of light it puts out. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the headlight. I tell people if they want the best American-made headlight on the market they need only buy a Headwinds."
Michael Winnefeld, Bedford, IN

"Thank you for taking the time on the phone and walking me through the installation of my Headwinds headlights. For about 12 years, I have struggled with getting headlights on my '35 Ford bright enough to drive at night, nothing solved the problem until my son and I installed the headlights I purchased from you. It's been a pleasure doing business wth you!"
Ken Wooten, Beaverton, OR

"Thank you on the design, the way all the parts flowed together was beyond my expectations. You placed the mounting bracket in the perfect place!"
Jim Johnson - Virginia Beach, VA

"I'm a satisfied customer and I'm spreading the word to all my riding buddies. Later, Bill"
Bill Mayfield - McKinney, TX

"I hate to have to return your headlight adapters, but I just could not get them to fit. I sure thank you for all your help. I really like doing business with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. Thanks again"
Ron Harris - Port Orchard, WA

"My '39 is not a show car, but I'm pretty proud of it. The headlights look good. Once again I want to thank you for all of your help. It is such a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Thanks"
Ron Harris - Port Orchard, WA

"It has been a true pleasure working with you. The headlight is a true piece of art. I love it. Thanks"
Steve Crist - Orchard Park, FL

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