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XLH, FXD ('03-on) Top Mounted Headlight Install

Step 1
Tech sheet, Spanner Tool, Allen Wrench & Rubber Glove supplied

Step 2
Remove headlight bezel screw

Step 3
Pulling from the bottom remove headlight bezel

Step 4
Remove lamp and disconnect from pigtail

Step 5
Carefully pry the bolt cover using a sharp, flat screwdriver

Step 6

Step 7
Using a 3/4" socket remove nut

Step 8
Hold stock bucket as you remove nut

Step 9
Cut wires on stock pigtail

Step 10
Remove stock bucket

Step 11
Headwinds top-mounted bullet

Step 12

Step 13
Feed wires through shrink tubing

Step 14
Heat shrink tubing to form to wires

Step 15
Feed wires into housing

Step 16
Insert bolt into stock hole

Step 17

Step 18
Reinstall nut

Step 19
While holding housing, tighten nut

Step 20
Remove bezel

Step 21
Remove retaining ring using spanner tool (supplied with housing)

Step 22

Step 23
Insert pigtail wires into pigtail connectors

Step 24

Step 25

Step 26

Step 27
Connect lamp to lamp connector

Step 28
Reinstall lamp

Step 29
Reinstall retaining ring

Step 30
Reinstall bezel

Step 31
Using rubber glove for a better grip, tighten bezel

Step 32
Use LocTite on set screw

Step 33
Install set screw to hold in bezel

Step 34
Aim headlight

Step 35
That's it!

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