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Testimonials - LED Bulbs

"I really appreciate you and your company working this out with me. I ride with a large group of friends and I
have people all the time ask me where did you get those LED lights and I can proudly continue to tell them I
purchased them from Headwinds, now I can also add how great their customer service is. Keep up the good
work. Thank you so much."
- Ted Olsen

"We installed the LED H-4 bulb in a Triumph motorcycle and it works perfectly, very bright white ball of light
dramatically stops cars from cutting in front of you in the day time and at night it lights up the road like day.
These LED lights are important safety devices and gives you supreme visibility. We highly recommend them.
Thank You"
- JamesRussellPublishing.com

"All I can say is WOW, WOW & WOW. I've been driving in the dark for years and didn't know it. I've been
telling all my friends about it and they all want it. Thanks for all your help."
- Kirt B.

"WOW is right, I finally can see without running my passing lights all of the time. Great product and personal
commitment. No problem installing it on my 2005 1600 Vulcan Classic… Thanks again!"
- Mike Karsch

"It was a snap to install and works as advertised on my wife's 2013 Softail Slim" - Angel Aquino

"Been running a 7 inch Bradley Bullet headlight bucket on my ’04 FXST for about 8 years... the difference
between the old halogen and the new LED is amazing."
- Rick Grenfell

"I'm very impressed with this new LED light. Much brighter than the PIAA I had in there and illuminates the
road much better at night to see the critters! Thanks again!"
- Ken "Tippy" Groth, Black Hills Custom Parts

"Got them, they are super bright, happy buyer." - Lucille Stelzle McClusky

"These LED's are EXTREMELY bright and are much better than the H11 Halogens that were in it before.
Although I was hesitant to spend nearly $200 for 2 light bulbs, I'm very glad I did."
- Sam Tolley

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