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Splitter - Wiring Harness H-D Headlight
Splitter - Wiring Harness H-D Headlight
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 18-1900
Price: $36.95
This splitter makes the electrical hook-up of our 2" spot/auxiliary/passing/road lights easy!
• Insert the single connector end (male end, top left) into your stock headlight harness cap (female end of your harness).
• Double connector end (bottom right) provides a cap (the female end) for your headlight plug and a cap for our spotlight plug.
• When installed, spotlights and headlight will be on the same circuit and can be controlled through your hi/lo headlight switch.
• This enables you to safely control your auxiliary lights without ever removing your hands from the handle bar!

• Fits all Harley-Davidson except FLT
• Allows you to utilize the stock headlight switch to control the spotlights
• Your hands remain on the handle bars when you're operating the switch
• Supplies auxillary connection for Headwinds spotlights
• Simply remove left gas tank and the headlight 4-pin connector is exposed
• Unplug headlight connector and plug-in splitter
• Connect your headlight plug and our spotlight plug to the splitter
• Install gas tank and your done with the wiring!
• Comes complete (as shown)

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