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Relay/Fuse Kit - 15 Amp - 180 Watts
Relay/Fuse Kit - 15 Amp - 180 Watts
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Code: 8-0904-15A
Price: $29.95
If your spotlights are rated at more than 90W each then you should be concerned about overloading your wiring
and/or switch. Watts is related to amperage (power draw). If you are drawing more amperage thru the wire than
the wire is rated for, then the wire will overheat, melt it’s insulation, can short out, and worse can catch fire.

This is why you need this relay kit!

It will enable you to safely control your spotlights with your hi/low beam switch, So you can keep your hands
on the handlebars and your eyes on the road when you are turning on the spotlights into a dark corner?

SOLUTION: Install our spotlight relay kit and solve both of these problems!

The relay is installed between your battery and your spotlights, inside the relay is an electromagnetic switch.
The electro magnetic switch is triggered by a signal from your hi/lo beam switch. When you connect your lo
beam wire to the relay signal the spotlights will go on when the lo beam is on. When you connect your hi beam
wire to the relay signal the spotlights will go on when the hi beam is on.

This kit works with 1 pair of spotlights 90W or lower.

Safely bypass your headlight switch when running power to a high wattage lamp or auxiliary spotlights.
This relay can handle two 90W bulbs and 10 amp switch.

• Relay - 30 amp
• Fuse holder with waterproof cover - 15 amp
• Fuses - 15 amp miniature (quantity 2)
• Wire - 16 gauge white (48") (not shown)
• Wire - 16 gauge black (48") (not shown)
• Shrink tubing 1/4" (16")
• Insulated female disconnects, 12 - 14 gauge wire (quantity 5)
• Ring terminal, 1/4" lug, 12-14 gauge (not shown)


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