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2" Spotlamp - 65W, MR16, 40º Beam Angle - No Lens (each)
65W, 40 Beam Angle
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Code: 8-9265-40NG
Price: $7.95
Daylight in the dark!

This 65W, 40 beam angle, flood spot lamp throws light down the road
far and wide! However, this performance comes at a cost to your electrical
system. A pair of these spot lamps will draw 11 amps and hooked up
with your 5 amp headlight would draw a total of 16 amps which will
over load your stock headlight switch and wiring, if not done correctly.

See below for our recommendations on how to hook up the spot
lamps safely and inexpensively by using a proper switch and wire size.
Also make sure your alternator output can handle this kind of load.


The reflector and bulb is one unit
Each lamp draws 5.5 amps
40 Beam Angle Flood Light
2 Mirrored Reflector (MR16) with No Front Glass lens

Sold individually. Not as a pair

Using a separate switch or a relay is recommended
Use toggle switch or rocker switch rated at 14 amps or greater
Can be wired to the headlight hi/lo switch if using a relay
18 gauge wire amperage capacity is 14 amps so stock H-D 18 gauge
  wire can handle this load as long as the headlight and spotlights are
  not on the same circuit
Requires a minimum 15 amp fuse and a 15 amp relay
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